Brian’s Blog; Halftime-Where’s The Marching Band?
What a great Super Bowl! That was a fantastic game. It came down to the final play before the Giants sealed the victory. That was everything a championship should be. The 2 best teams at the end of the year playing for the big prize. Hope you enjoyed the game and the food and all the fun super Sunda…
What’s the Best Part of the Superbowl?[POLL]
Believe it or not the Superbowl is something I always watch at home and only get to watch it if I have finished my taxes. That's a true story, I do all the prep, make and order all the food, turn on the television, but if my taxes aren't done I don't get to watch.
Recipe Rescue: Superbowl Snacks; 3rd and Goal!
The Superbowl is a feeding frenzy! No matter how you try to deny it, that's what it is. I would dare to say there is likely more Pepto eaten on Superbowl Sunday than any other day of the year! So let's add fuel to the fire with some chili cheese dog bombers!
How Do You Watch the Superbowl? [POLL]
The Superbowl at my house is an event. Most of the kids usually come home for an array of way too much food. They all find a spot in the living room and literally 'veg-out' until its over. It's a day of football and food coma's.

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