What a Difference a Day Makes in Colorado
While I was doing my latest Facebook stalking of my friends and family I saw a set of pictures that captured the best of Colorado. Few believe us and many imitate us, but when we say "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes", we aren't lying.
Can You Hear the Robins?
As I sit at my desk thinking of some mind-blowing thing to write about, I am distracted by the overwhelming loud chatter outside my office window. Low and behold there are a ton of Robins.
Springtime! Where Are You?!
One of the first things you should probably know about me is that I am from South Carolina, Myrtle Beach to be more exact. However, I am now very proud to call Colorado home! There is good and bad about both places. As far as Colorado goes, I love the lifestyle here...
How Horse People Know Spring is Coming
Aside from a full choir of Meadowlarks, the sure sign that spring is coming is my
horse Lily shedding out.   I don't know if it's because she's white that I notice it with her more than the other horses who are bays.  Besides attaching to gloves, coats, and up my nose, t…
What Are The Secrets To Buying And Installing Carpet?
I can do a lot of things around the house; a real handy man, jack of all trades. But the one thing I won't, or can't do, scares me the most. Carpet! Where to buy it and who to install it? I think I could do it myself, but one mistake could be a very costly and/or ugly mistake.

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