Snow Day

12 Fun Ways to Spend a Snow Day
You're stuck at home on a snow day. What are you to do? Well, you could sit around and watch movies, piece together puzzles, and partake in other typical snow day activities. Or you can try out these 12 fun ways to spend a snow day!
Northern Colorado Closures

School Closures/Friday, February 3rd

Thompson R2J Loveland -Closed
Poudre R-1 School District - CLOSED
St. Vrain Valley Schools - CLOSED
Weld County RE-1 Gilcrest -Closed
Weld County RE-3J Keensburg -Closed
Weld RE-5J Milliken -Closed
Weld RE-4 Windsor-Severance -Closed
Weld Re-9 Highland closed -Closed