Smart Phones

Funny Video Proves Siri Is a Real Jerk
Yet another reason we are more than happy to just google something -- Siri is a real jerk. This compilation of Vine videos from artist Ridd Sorensen might be a slight exaggeration, but we think he's got the gist of it right. There's something so condescending about her robot voice...
What’s Your Favorite (Smart) Phone App?
I love my Radio pup, I take it everywhere and my Draw Something app has me consumed. I thought well now, am I alone or do you too have apps on your phone that you can't imagine living without now that you've found them.
Brian Joins 21st Century (Kicking & Screaming)
I am a dinosaur and I have no problem admitting it. I am a bit of a fossil when it comes to technology. I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the computer inundated world. I was one of the last people I know to learn to email, to have a cell phone to get on Facebook to get rid of my auto-rev…