Side Dishes

Recipe Rescue: Why Didn’t I Think of That Pasta Salad
On his day off, my Zachariah not only planting all of my front yard plants (all part of a new landscape design we came up with last year), he also cooked dinner. He said he wanted to grill some brats and was thinking about what to have for sides, I mentioned pasta salad and he said,done. But what he…
Recipe Rescue: Roasted Baby Red Potatoes and Green Beans
Talk about a lot of flavor and virtually a hands off way to make tasty happy in the kitchen. I love roasting veggies and whenever I put a pair together that I think you'll like, I like to share it. Hope that you enjoy these roasted baby red potatoes and green beans.
Recipe Rescue: Tasty Potato Cakes
Potatoes should be on the menu 5 out of 7 days they are so yummy. How do you make your potatoes... boiled, fried, mashed... it's all good. I think that you will like these tasty potato cakes, they go with everything.
Recipe Rescue: Lucy’s Shrimp Pasta Salad
Lucy is my cousin in Colorado Springs and she is a fantastic cook with a warm heart and an amazing family. Recently we went to Guy and Lucy's house for a special celebration, they really know how to keep the family fed (thanks Shawn for the grand champ beef). Amongst the wide assortment of fres…
Recipe Rescue: Side Dish Dilemma Solved
Side dishes throw me for the biggest loop ever... I can easily figure out the star of the meal, usually chicken and can come up with a starch (because that's my favorite part of the meal) but a side dish... a cool and tasty side dish not just opening a can or bag of veggies or throwing green be…
Recipe Rescue: Christine’s Amazing Fresh Garden Salsa
I am thankful to have Christine in my life, oh the way our connections are made in this life are extraordinary. She made an awesome salsa this morning and I said I must share that, so all the way from Kansas she invites us into her kitchen for a most amazing fresh garden salsa.
Recipe Rescue: Hearty Earthy Pasta Salad
A slight twist on the pasta salad. I usually make the same pasta salad every summer and My James isn't really a fan of cheddar cheese, so this past weekend when I asked what kind of pasta salad he said no cheddar cheese. That made me realize that most things I put in my pasta salad, although he…
Recipe Rescue: Southwest Chicken Salad
Warmer weather means lighter dinners and bbq's and snacking. This recipe is good to take as a side dish to a bbq or for a lighter dinner. (lighter in that it's not a heavy pot roast and potatoes, not necessarily lighter in the calorie department)

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