Shawn's Sludge

Shawn Patrick’s Video Series Called Shawn’s Sludge [VIDEO]
If you have tuned into the Good Morning Guys show this week, you have probably heard an unfamiliar voice, me. Although I am no Brian Gary I sure enjoying having the opportunity to fill in when he or Todd is out. When I am not filling in for those guys I do my own radio show, and sometimes I get crea…
Shawn’s Sludge- Eating Competitions [VIDEO]
I had so much fun yesterday with episode #6, that for #7 I invited my buddies Beano, Danny Joe, and Brian back to join me in trying to break the world record for most Twinkies consumed in one minute. Takeru Kobayashi holds the record at 14, but even if we don't break the record, the man who …
Shawn’s Sludge- Facebook [VIDEO]
Episode number 5 is done and ready for your eyes and ears. Today I thank you for hanging out and sharing the "love" yesterday, also we "poke" fun of Facebook and all of it's glory, plus the dumbest posts ever!
Shawn’s Sludge- Haters [VIDEO]
On now to week number two of doing these video blogs, and I tell you what, I really am having a blast making them! Thanks to all who have watched the first week, and for those that haven't liked them, this ones for you!
Shawn Patrick Takes Up Video Blogging [VIDEOS]
Not that I consider myself a follower, or one to always play by the rules, but when something new and cool comes up, I am always ready to try it out! There is this woman online that does this video blogging, or vlogging, named Jenna Marbles, and she is getting millions of views, probably because…