Recipe Rescue: No Fuss Hot Wings for the Big Game
Making hot wings at home is typically a nightmare. The house smells like grease for days, the kitchen is messy and you are exhausted from standing there for hours waiting for each batch to cook. Try this Recipe Rescue no fuss hot wing recipe for the big game.
Red Velvet Christmas Cookies — Five Ingredient Recipe
Many families have Christmas cookie-making traditions. Whether it be weeks before the big holiday, on Christmas Eve, all of one kind, or a variety of tasty treats – 'tis the season to bring out those deer-shaped cookie cutters and stock up on some green and red sprinkles.
Recipe Rescue: Why Didn’t I Think of That Pasta Salad
On his day off, my Zachariah not only planting all of my front yard plants (all part of a new landscape design we came up with last year), he also cooked dinner. He said he wanted to grill some brats and was thinking about what to have for sides, I mentioned pasta salad and he said,done. But what he…
Recipe Rescue: Spicy Fried Chicken
There is a quick and easy way to add the spice to your fried chicken before you cook it and it is so yummy it may end up being the only thing that you cook for your family.

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