What Was Your Best Black Friday Moment? [POLL]
I learned many years ago that there were few thing's that could get me shopping early in the morning and recently late at night, so I just don't. Tell me you Black Friday moment, is it any better out there than it used to be?
Which Country Star Has The Best Beard? [POLL]
Would you even know what Charlie Daniels or Kenny Rogers looked like without their beards? Their whiskers are as iconic as they are, and beards are making a comeback.  Country stars have sported chin hair forever, but now the new country stars are growing whiskers too.
How Many Times Do You Hit Snooze? [POLL]
I admit it. I am a multiple snoozer. I hit the snooze button on my clock at least twice every day. I set the clock in my bedroom 15 minutes fast trying to fool myself into getting up on time yet my snooze alarm gives me 7 more minutes of sleep.

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