New Movie Releases

New Movie Releases — December 2013
It's the holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than by taking yourself and your friends and family to the movies! December is packed with new releases, whether you're in the mood for action and adventure, heartwarming drama, laughs with the family, or a brand new Martin Scorsese film -- t…
Matt Damon Dives into Sci-Fi, Will it Fly or Die?
So the premise is not too far from where we've been before in similar type movies. The world has changed, the elite continue to thrive and the poor become poorer and seemingly enslaved. Will Matt Damon make this venture into Sci-Fi? Or as I like to put it, will it fly or die?
‘The Lone Ranger’ Review
I loved 'Rango,' the last time Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski offered up a madcap spin on the Western. I basically enjoyed 'John Carter,' last year's Western-infused would-be space epic, which, not coincidentally, was the last time Walt Disney stock holders had to reach for a shaker of Tums.
Weekend Box Office Wins and Loses
Of the top ten movies in the theaters right now, I have seen most of them as I am a bit of a movie freak. I'll have the list of where they all stand, the winners and losers over the weekend with a little D commentary.

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