‘Chappie’ Trailer: What the Heck is This Movie?
Okay, let’s ask the big question: what the hell is ‘Chappie’? The first trailer made the film look like a slightly goofy and overly sentimental ‘Short Circuit’ riff, with the title robot learning about the world ... while teaching us (blech). The new trailer feels …
What New Movies Are Out This Weekend [VIDEO]
Yippee it's the weekend and you're almost done or done with your Christmas shopping and why clean the house now when you'll only have to clean it again before the big house destroying event known as the Christmas Exchange. Let's hit the movies!
Redbox Rental Rates Set to Increase
Redbox rentals have made our life somewhat a little more easier when it comes to watching movies or playing games. You can expect to see rates increase soon.

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