Movie Reviews

Weekend Box Office Wins and Loses
Of the top ten movies in the theaters right now, I have seen most of them as I am a bit of a movie freak. I'll have the list of where they all stand, the winners and losers over the weekend with a little D commentary.
Honor Flight – A Deeply Moving Documentary
On Thursday night I had the opportunity to see a sold-out showing of "Honor Flight". It was a deeply moving documentary about the Honor Flight program in Wisconsin, which is very similar to Honor Flight Northern Colorado. I have have always had an appreciation for our veterans, but after…
Movie Review: Identity Thief Get’s 3 Popcorn Buckets [VIDEO]
I love movies and am sure to see at least one a week, I'm a little addicted, I know. This past weekend I saw Identity Thief. Be sure to see the humble beginning's of both Identity Thief stars after the review. (where do I know her from and what show was that that he was on that I used to w…
Movies to See in 2013 [VIDEO]
I am a movie junkie, I go at least once a week and have been known to see as many as three in one week. (it doesn't help that I am a popcorn junkie too)
Brian Cringes For 127 Hours
I am a movie junkie, you will find me most Tuesdays at the video store picking up the new releases and then going home and getting lost in movie land. I don't get a chance to get to the theater nearly as often as I would like to so I have to wait until they come out on video to enjoy them. When I he…