Mom Under Fire For Breastfeeding Friend’s Son
A Pennsylvania mom is under fire after posting a picture of her breastfeeding not only her own child, but her friend's son, all to raise awareness about "milk sharing."
"So much love between these milk siblings," Jessica Anne Colletti, 27, said in her pos…
Do you Really Know What is Safe to Eat in the Kitchen?
I find the idea of food safety interesting as I am a 100% date girl, if the carton says its old, I toss it, but am I being as safe as I can be when it comes to 'safe' foods and keeping food illnesses away? Take the test yourself and see if you could be putting your family at risk.
Cows Sleeping On Waterbeds? [VIDEO]
Over the course of time we have heard many stories on how animals are treated in nice ways to enhance their production in one way or the other. From the sacred Cows of India to Japan where they massage the backs of Koby beef cattle, there is always someone looking for the next good way to enhance pr…
Best Coffee In Fort Collins – Our Top 5
Coffee is my life! I love coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and late at night. Whether its served black or foo foo style, I love coffee. In Fort Collins there are many coffee houses to choose from, each offering their own flare.