Mexican Salad!

Recipe Rescue: Southwest Chicken Salad
Warmer weather means lighter dinners and bbq's and snacking. This recipe is good to take as a side dish to a bbq or for a lighter dinner. (lighter in that it's not a heavy pot roast and potatoes, not necessarily lighter in the calorie department)
Charley’s Mexican Salad
Hey, the kids will love this (so will you), and its cheap to make.  Yup, that's my kind of dinner.  Being a single parent I am all about making new things to try that are on the cheap but fun.  It was a friend of mine, Jerry Clark, who sent this to me awhile a back and finally de…
Recipe Rescue: Guest Recipe, Mexican Salad!
The greatest thing about cooking with passion and creating fun recipes is the friendships that bloom because of it. I have never had so many conversations about food and cooking as I have in the past year. I am loving the new freedom of conversation. In my many talks with my friend Lindsey O'brien o…