Look Both Ways

K99 Team Trivia Bowl Champions (Business Division)
The 21st Century Trivia Bowl to benefit Look Both Ways was held last weekend in Loveland. The K99 team, The  KaKnowledgers, were the Business Division Champions.  O.K. There were only 2 teams in the Business Division, but we we are still champions dad-gummit. Here is how it went down:
What Are Brian & Todd Up To Today? It Rhymes With Smivia Soul
A few decades ago local legend Jim Willard created the Loveland Trivia Bowl. K99 had a team for 6 or 7 years and even won it a couple of times. Then Jim retired and the event went away.  Now it's back!  Look Both Ways Presents the 21st Century Trivia Bowl! Unfortunately-It's sold…