Where’s K99 Today?
If you want to go see two of your favorite K99 personalities today I'm sure they'd love to see you. Brian Gary and D Dennison are out and about today so stop by and say hello.
Brian & Todd TV; Todd Sings the Presidents
Today on Brian & Todd TV, Todd proves he is a musical people.  He has a way of remembering every President of the United States in our history.  He puts it to music.  Brian is also less successful at singing the Vice Presidents.  Check it out:
Does Prayer Really Work?
I am not a religious man, but sometimes things happen that I cannot explain. It seems like yesterday I got the phone call. My sister told me that my Mom was in Duke Medical Center in North Carolina and we needed to fly out from Denver to see her.  I asked all of my Facebook friends to pray for my Mo…
Teacher Tuesday Winner is Laurel Elementary Teacher [VIDEO]
Miss Miriam Cromley is this week’s Teacher Tuesday Winner. Miss Cromley is a Kindergarten Teacher at Laurel Elementary School Of Arts And Technology in Ft. Collins.  Brian and Todd made the presentation yesterday...and yes she cried! Then Todd sat down and read "The Pokey Little …
Brian’s Blog; My Greatest Honor
If you have listened to the Good Morning Guys at all throughout the years you know that our two main passions are children and veterans, which makes what happened Saturday night even more special. Saturday I went down to the American Legion Post #32 in Longmont for the annual Jeff Luginbuel Media Aw…
K99 Nominated For 2012 ACM Award And More
K99 is one for four radio stations across the country announced last week as a nominee for Radio Station of the Year in the 'Small Market' category by the Academy of Country Music. K99 was nominated by the Country Music Association last year for a similar award. The 2012 ACM Award winners …
Brian’s Blog- Move Your Own Cheese
I admit I am a creature of habit. I like things a certain way and keep them that way. I get up at the same time, use the same towel (I’m kidding, I do wash it monthly), put in my contacts, brush teeth then do an insulin shot. It’s a regular routine...
Brian’s Blog- Are You That Annoying Friend?
Are you that annoying friend? We all have one. The one friend who, no matter what you tell them, has a way of turning it into being about them. When you try to share with them how sick you were last night, they proceed to tell you about the time they were so sick they thought they were going to die.…
Brian & Todd TV; The Sneeze-Off [VIDEO]
Today on Brian & Todd TV:  We like to make bets. We will bet on anything. This morning we bet that could beat each other in a sneeze-off.  The first one to sneeze wins! Check out the video to find out the results.

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