JT Hodges

JT Hodges Lets You Choose His Next Single [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
J.T. Hodges is leaving it up to you to pick his next single. Hodges opened the polls this week on his Facebook page and voting will continue throughout the month of July, with three songs for you to vote on: "Sleepy Little Town", "Leaving Me Later" and "Rather Be Wrong Than …
JT Hodges Visits K99 [PHOTOS] and [VIDEO]
Nashville recording artist JT Hodges paid a visit to K99 yesterday. He performed a mini-concert for a few members of the staff, which included his new single "Hunt You Down". Luckily Drew from Star Painter Productions was in the house with his video camera.
JT Hodges “Hunt You Down” [VIDEO]
JT Hodges is a brand new artist that was discovered by Mark Collie and signed by Toby Keith's label Show Dog-Universal Music. His new single is called "Hunt You Down. It was written by Hodges, Rivers Rutherford, and Mark Collie. JT is visiting K99 today where he will perform his new s…
JT Hodges Promises ‘Very, Very Diverse’ Debut Album [VIDEO]
With his first single closing in on the country top 40 and a prime opening slot on his label boss’ latest tour, JT Hodges could hardly ask for a better start to his recording career.
Hodges won’t be satisfied with an auspicious beginning, however. He’s in this for the long haul, and…