Journey 4 Justice

Journey 4 Justice: Texas 3 ROCKS Topeka! [PICTURES]
Last weekend it was the birthday of Nebraska 2 TL Ron Martin and he brought over a dozen of his friends to celebrate in Topeka and this past weekend was another birthday.  Texas 3 TL Gary Fortner br0ught 18 of his friends for another celebration in Topeka.  Boy, do 'they' love us…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 5) – The Ride Home
Welcome to the final chapter of my Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka. As I had mentioned at the end of part 4, when we left Topeka at 9 local time, it was a beautiful morning. The minute we turned the corner onto I-70 the wind hit us like a kick to the groin.
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 3) – The Hotel Room
Welcome to part 3 of my continuing tale of our Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka. Today we check into the worst motel in the history of mankind. After a long hard day on the road we couldn't wait to get to our room. Little did I know that even after 14 hours on the road, the seat of my bike woul…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 2) – The Ride Begins
When Charley Barnes asked me to go on a Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka he told me it would be the adventure of a lifetime. Little did I know how true that would turn out to be. I had to do some serious thinking about whether I was going to go on this trip. I did what I usually do, I prayed for som…
I Made It – My Journey 4 Justice (Part 1)
You will be seeing the stories of my adventure to Topeka all week long. I have so much to share from this life changing ride I took. I am physically beat up and mentally shot yet so filled at the same time. I will share some stories of the grueling 16 hour ride in 50 mph winds and freezing temps.
Charley Barnes Delivers J4J Message To Loveland Sertoma Club
I was asked a couple weeks ago by a friend of mine, Randy King, to put together a presentation for the Loveland Sertoma Club and tell the Journey 4 Justice story in person. So today, I did just that and what a story it still is and I still tell it with the passion that existed almost a year ago if &…

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