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The Date Has Been Set for Johnny’s Community Run in Windsor
Our tight knit and loving community will never forget the pain we felt on May 18, 2015 when John Jacoby, our "Unofficial Mayor of Windsor" and ultimate Happiness Warrior, was senselessly killed while riding his beloved bike. We all felt and still feel the pain of this unsolved crime
Touching Tribute to John Jacoby Placed on Roadside in Windsor
While we continue to wait and hope for the case of the death of Winsdor's John Jacoby to be solved, we continue to find ways to honor his memory. May 18, 2015 will be a day many of us in the area will never forget. It was the day John was senselessly taken from us by a gunman on Country Roads 1…
Funeral for Windsor Resident John Jacoby Today at 3 pm
Our whole community has felt the loss of John Jacoby. We are saddened he is no longer with us and horrified at how he died. We want answers and we want justice. I feel all of that will come but until then we must celebrate the life of this happiness warrior that we so tragically lost.

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