First Colorado Town Gets Citywide Internet
While there's been rumors of this coming to Fort Collins for quite some time, Longmont went ahead and said, "Let's Do This."  (But not necessarily in a 'Home Depot' sort of way.)
The City of Longmont has been laying the fiber-optic line for this project sinc…
Fort Collins Cancer Survivor Hit With Online Dating Scam
Last night I came across a Fort Collins friend's Facebook post detailing an online dating scam her mother fell victim to - the story is absolutely heartbreaking. The post reads as follows:
This is going to be a long one folks: I recently helped my mom integrate into the facebook/social media world, t…
Top Tips to Get Faster Results With Your Online Searches
If you've ever searched the internet for something specific and have thrown your hands in the air in frustration, these tips will get you faster and easier results for your online searches. Hang on till the last tip and freak out your friends with this cool trick.

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