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Girl Scout Cookies On Sale
Girl Scout cookies are now on sale. Sometimes there is nothing better than a Thin Mint straight out of the freezer, but the deliciousness of the Samoa has always been my favorite. Every year I buy from a couple different Girl Scouts, or as I call them "My Dealers". This year I am trying to…
Brian Vs Women’s Health Magazine
Men can be annoying according to, well, everyone who has met one. I am one, and know of my annoyance factor, but sometimes we need a little help in pointing out what we do that annoys you. Thank goodness Women's Health Magazine came out with a list titled "What is your man's most …
Loveland Valentine Cachet Unveiled
A couple years ago Todd had the honor of helping choose the new Miss Loveland Valentine. One of her duties each year is unveiling the new cachet for the Loveland Valentine Re-mailing Program. Watch the video  courtesy of YouTube and our friends at Northern Colorado 5.
Brian Undecorates
This weekend was the annual Christmas decoration clean up at the house. This is always a difficult time for me. I just love Christmas and the feeling it brings so I hate taking down the decorations...okay bottom line is I am lazy and it takes some work to do.
What’s Entertaining Todd?
On Monday "The Bachelor" made it's season premiere. It's a guy some of you will recognize. Brad Womack was on the show in 2007. Brad Womack became known as "the most hated man in Bachelor history" when he decided not to chose either of two final women. It's the reason my wife di…
Brian Tells Truth About True Grit
I anxiously went to go see the remake of True Grit last weekend. I was so excited to see it, I just love westerns and since the previews were awesome and it"s TRUE GRIT, how could I go wrong?
The Meaning Of Christmas
This morning on the air Brian was talking about the meaning of Christmas and how we seem to get lost in it. We get so stressed out trying to find the perfect gift or get the house decorated just right, that we forget that Christmas is about a feeling. It's about love, joy, hope and happiness. A K99 …
Worst Christmas Gifts
The investment firm Morgan Stanley did a poll to find out the “Most Hated Christmas Gift”! Brian and Todd have either given or received every item on the list, except maybe #9.

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