Best News Bloopers of 2013
Watching news bloopers will never get old, and this video has compiled all the best bloopers from 2013. You won't believe some of the things that were said on live TV!
It Smells Like Poo in Here: It Wasn’t me!
There are few things worse in my world then walking into the restroom and being greeting by the stink of someones bottom. The thoughts that rush through my head, everyone will think it was me, good golly what did they eat, please dear Lord make the smell go away.
Hey, Guess What Day It Is? [EXTENDED VIDEO]
About the only thing I like about this new digital age we live in, is the competition by advertisers to get my attention on TV. I must admit, there are some commercials that make me actually LOL and thanks to the invention of the DVR (OK, two things) I watch this one over and over and over and over…
Books With a Letter Missing Are Better Than the Originals
Remember that time that #BooksWithALetterMissing was trending on Twitter, and it was hilarious? No, because your life consists of more than clicking around the internet all day searching for meaning in your life that you're never going to find? Well, let us tell you -- it was indeed hilarious.
11 Panoramic Photo Fails That Will Freak You Out
Taking good pictures is a really tricky skill to perfect, yet when photos are shot correctly, they can be awesome. (See: photobombs and perfectly-timed versions). But there is a bright side to photography failure -- sometimes it can create a weird and strangely entertaining creation. Cue: panor…

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