Colorado Teens Pledge to Go All Month Without Internet
Early this past summer, I boycotted Facebook for awhile, because it just wasn't making me happy. I reflected, made some adjustments (to my account, mainly,) and now it's okay again. But what if we just left our phone the heck alone??
Does Taylor Swift Use Her Friends To Advance Her Career?
Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I saw a post from Cosmopolitan Magazine with the headline, "Gigi Hadid Explains What Motivates the Taylor Swift Squad." Now, I see a ton of coverage surrounding Taylor Swift's friends, but this particular post caught my eye when…
What’s Your Favorite (Smart) Phone App?
I love my Radio pup, I take it everywhere and my Draw Something app has me consumed. I thought well now, am I alone or do you too have apps on your phone that you can't imagine living without now that you've found them.
What’s the Best Part of the Superbowl?[POLL]
Believe it or not the Superbowl is something I always watch at home and only get to watch it if I have finished my taxes. That's a true story, I do all the prep, make and order all the food, turn on the television, but if my taxes aren't done I don't get to watch.

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