Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Johnstown is Now Open
Burgers, shakes, craft beer and fries oh my! There is a new burger joint in Johnstown that has opened up today (4/17/17). Bad Daddy's Burger Bar is located at 4914 Thompson Pkwy. For those of you who hate using your maps app, that would be on the southeast corner of I-25 and US 34...
Sargento Cheese Recall Expands to Other Types of Cheeses
As reported two weeks ago, Sargento Cheese issued a recall of various types of cheeses due to Listeria concerns. This week, the recall has been expanded to add more variations of cheeses.
From a press release, Sargento has terminated their relationship with their supplier, Deutsch Kase Haus, LLC over…
Game Day Food By State
This Sunday closes out football season. We are sad to see it go, but let's be completely honest here... We don't really care since our Denver Broncos aren't in it.
We took home the Lombardi last season and I got to go to the rally in Denver...

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