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Recipe Rescue: Skinnier Pork Chops
There's no skimpy on these skinny pork chops, eat and be merry. I know that we've talked before about my love of pork and let me tell you these are yummy. I used to always bread my pork chops, kind of chicken fry them, but found out that I like them just as much undressed.
Todd Harding Loves Cottage Cheese & Fruit – Do you? [POLL]
I have always loved cottage cheese and fruit mixed together.  It was something my Mom introduced to us when we were kids.  Back then it was always cottage cheese and fruit cocktail.  Since then I have branched out a bit.  My favorite is to throw some Mandarin  oranges on my cottage cheese.  Every on…
Nordy’s Bar-B-Que and Grill in Fort Collins Suddenly Shuts Down
I don't live near Old Town anymore; but one restaurant on that side of town I managed to try a couple times (and wanted to try again) was Nordy's. Who doesn't love an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet, right? Well, unfortunately, I'll never get to go back to the Nordy's Fort Coll…
What do Your Eating Habits Say About You?
You may be what you eat, but what you eat or how you eat may be telling us what kind of person you are. What do your eating habits say about you? Come along with me and let's see if eating fast or separating your food really means anything or if it means everything.

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