D Get’s May Day(ed)
One of the greatest traditions I remember being taught by my grandmother was May Day. I love the thought of random acts of kindness and don't even care if it may seem to some as a forced day of kindness like Valentines is a force day of love and Thanksgiving is a forced day to gorge yourself to…
Send Mom Flowers for Under 30 Bucks!
It's not always easy to find the cash to send mom flowers, money can be tight. So, as a mom who may like flowers on mom's day, I have found a great way to get flowers at an affordable price.
Spring IS In The Air [POLL]
The smell of Spring is in the air...make no mistake about it.  With Spring comes a different thought process for many and some, believe it or not, are even depressed about the thought of nice warm weather.  Hard to believe I know, but it's true.  Not all of us "dig&q…