Eric Decker

Top 5 Reasons the Broncos are Winning; Besides Tim Tebow
The Broncos win again! What a great team effort against the Chargers to pull out a 16-13 overtime victory. The Broncos are now 6-5 after a 1-4 start, going 5-1 since Tim Tebow has taken over the starting quarterback job. There is no secret that I am a Tebowmaniac. I love the way the guy plays the ga…
Are You Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid?
Are you drinking the orange Kool-Aid? I am chugging a huge glass of it. The Broncos are back! They are winning now and will only get better. The Tim Tebow era is now off to a 3-1 start. I have not  been this excited about a Bronco team in over a decade.