Is a Double-Yolked Egg Lucky or Unlucky? [POLL]
My wife and I have been making a lot of deviled-eggs lately and recently we found a double-yolked boiled egg.  We still made it into a deviled-egg anyway.  My wife was told by a friend that they are good luck, so I looked it up. I got conflicting reports...
D Dennison Shows You How Not to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg [VIDEO]
It's a question asked by many, how do you peel a hard boiled egg? If you are like most people it falls apart as you peel it, layer by layer you nearly work your way down to the yolk, completely destroying the white part. As you can tell by my title, 'How Not to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg&q…
Do you Really Know What is Safe to Eat in the Kitchen?
I find the idea of food safety interesting as I am a 100% date girl, if the carton says its old, I toss it, but am I being as safe as I can be when it comes to 'safe' foods and keeping food illnesses away? Take the test yourself and see if you could be putting your family at risk.

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