How to Get in Shape Like a Denver Broncos Cheerleader
Getting in shape during football season when there are nachos, chili, potato chips, and 1,000 calorie-per-scoop dip on the table during the game is really tough. But if you want to look like a Denver Broncos cheerleader, you need to step up your game (like, a lot).
Recipe Rescue: 2014 Diet Resolution Chicken Salad
I literally spent forever in the kitchen last night trying to create a hearty chicken salad that was flavorful and with less calories than normal chicken salad. After tasting it and tweaking it a million times (thanks too to my James for being my guinea pig) I think that I nailed it. Check out my re…
Cat Lovers Unite Against Hairballs
There is nothing worse than waking up to a hairball at the bottom of the stairs or beside your bed, but how do you stop it? That is my question today, my Barley is driving me nuts.

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