Colorado News

New Colorado Laws You Should Know About
There are a few new laws passed that Coloradoan's Should know about. These laws will take effect in our state this week.
Here are a few that you should know about:
Protections for good Samaritans and hot cars
This new law will allows citizens to break the window of a car to rescue a pet or a child…
Motorcycle Deaths Break Colorado Record in 2016
If you talk to anyone who owns a motorcycle, they will tell you in one word why owning a motorcycle is the best.... Freedom. Even those who do not own a motorcycle could see the allure of the wind blowing at your face, the open road and the feeling that you get by sitting on a motorcycle...
Colorado to Create Marijuana Courier License
It would be the first of its kind... Weed taxi, ganja delivery man, kush Uber, toking transporters... I could go on all day with these puns, really, I could... But I'll spare you. Colorado is moving forward on creating this first of a kind license for marijuana couriers...
Greeley Showerhead Exchange
Greeley will be holding their showerhead exchange on Saturday, April 9th, from 9 am to noon at Greeley's Winter Farmers' Market at 1100 8th Ave.