Cell Phones

Droid Verses Droid Verses Droid: 3 New Droids Revealed
Forget the days when a phone was a phone they have long past. Phones today rival any thoughts of a mobile phone we had just twenty years ago when we were carrying brick phones in a bag. In recent years the phones have regained their size, not to the extent of the early 90's, but still they have…
Funny Video Proves Siri Is a Real Jerk
Yet another reason we are more than happy to just google something -- Siri is a real jerk. This compilation of Vine videos from artist Ridd Sorensen might be a slight exaggeration, but we think he's got the gist of it right. There's something so condescending about her robot voice...
I Do Everything On My Cell Phone Except Answer It!
My James constantly jokes with me that one day they will create a device where I can actually talk to live people on the other end rather than send a 21st Century Mores Code. I know, he missed his calling, he should have been a comedian.

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