I Have The Worst Luck With Cars
I've had the worst luck with cars over the past 6 months.
Earlier this year, the engine in my Dodge Neon burned out and quit on me while I was driving from Fort Collins to Greeley. That was a nightmare. Three months after having the engine replaced, it blew out on me again on my way home from Ne…
Woman Arrested For Keying Misspelled Word Into Cars
An angry ex-girlfriend in Connecticut was busted for allegedly keying 2 cars with the word "wore" and slashing their tires.
Little did Shannon Csapilla, 20, know that that's not how you spell "w*ore."
Csapilla carelessly set herself up to get caught by Stamford police, sending a bo…
Residents Wake Up To Find Sex Toys On Their Cars
We’ve all pulled a prank or two before – whether it’s covering the toilet seat with saran wrap or TP-ing a house. And though this particular prank is hilarious, it’s pretty bizarre.
Residents of a street in Liverpool woke up last Friday morning to find various adult toys on th…

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