Bucky Covington

Bucky Covington’s Bus Involved in Crash
Bucky Covington‘s tour bus was involved in an accident on I-65 in Birmingham, Ala. on Thursday. A press release indicates that no one was seriously hurt, although a few passengers were taken to the hospital for examination.
28 Hours Of Hope March 10th-11th
The Good Morning Guys 13th Annual “28 Hours of Hope” is earlier this year! It's March 10th and 11th. Brian and Todd stay on the air for 28 hours in a row and raise money and awareness to help fight child abuse in Northern Colorado. They encourage K99 listeners to call in and pledge during the event.…
Bucky Covington – “A Different World”
I posted a really funny blog earlier on my DJ page about all of us that are at least 40 and "how it was back in the day."  So I thought this would be a good video to go along with it.
If you'd like to read the blog click here.