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25 Years of Memories in a Box – Moving Out of My Office [VIDEO]
Yesterday was very humiliating day for me. I had to give up my office that I shared with several djs.  I have been at the radio station for over 2 decades and now I feel like a man without a country. I left the station today with 25 years of memories in a box. It felt like I was being fired.&nb…
Happy Birthday Barbie – Brian & Todd Sing Barbie Blues [VIDEO]
Today there are two big birthdays. My wife Kyla and Barbie were both born on this date and I have played with both them. I have always tried to treat my wife with kindness and love but I can’t say the same about Barbie. I know I am not the only boy who did improper things with Barbie and GI Jo…
Fort Collins American Idol Contestant Sent Home [VIDEO]
The American Idol contestant you heard sing on K99 last week did not advance to the next round in the competition on Fox. Fort Collins resident Lindsey Cartier made it to Hollywood Week, Unfortunately she was sent home this week and will not be in finals.  We  are all very proud of Lindsey…
Brian & Todd TV; Todd Sings the Presidents
Today on Brian & Todd TV, Todd proves he is a musical people.  He has a way of remembering every President of the United States in our history.  He puts it to music.  Brian is also less successful at singing the Vice Presidents.  Check it out:
Brian & Todd TV; Barbie Blues [VIDEO]
This episode of Brian & Todd TV features the vocal stylings of Brian Gary and the Kazoo skills of Todd Harding. Barbie and Ken play themselves.  Watch as they perform "The Barbie Blues".  Caution Ken may be in a state of undress at times.
Brian & Todd TV; “There Ain’t No Snow” Angels
This episode of Brian and Todd TV comes right after a major snow storm that moved through Colorado.  Up to 18 inches of snow was forecast for Northern Colorado, but when the Guys got to work there was only a couple of inches. Find out what happened when they tried to make Snow Angels.

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