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K99 Staff Grows Truck Beards
The K99 truck giveaway with Ehrich Nissan is going to be held on June 16th. You are going to many many chances to win yourself a key. Be listening to win on air, online and live at our broadcasts. We are all so excited to give you this truck.
Are You Computer Challenged? – Brian’s Blog
I admit that I have a love hate relationship with computers. I am in the age group that just missed out on computer education. When I was in my senior year of high school computers were first getting into the mainstream. The classes behind me all had computer training in school and mine was the last…
What Sports Mean To Me
I was raised in a sports crazy home. We always gathered together for Viking games and cheered together. Sports have always meant more than just a game. They were and are a gathering device for our family. It means togetherness and happy time to me. The actual game is irrelevant. It is the being toge…
The Four Agreements – Brian’s Blog
I always try  to be an upbeat, positive person. Happiness is my goal every day that I breathe. Now and then we need a little help to get our mind straight and find proper direction. I have something that helps me get through those times. I have been in a bit of funk lately and have had trouble getti…
Brian Has Your 1st Chance to Win a Key Today at Ehrlich Nissan
Join me today ( Saturday 4/28) at Ehrlich Nissan on 35th ave in Greeley from 9-noon for the unveiling of the new 2012 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4 that you could win. We will be giving away keys every half hour starting at 10. I can tell you from years of past experience that the best way to get yours…
Want A New Truck? – Brian’s Blog
One of the greatest things about my job is that sometimes I get to make peoples dreams come true. When we give away a trip or cash or other great prizes we get to see the joy it brings to peoples lives. We have a tradition of making your truck dreams comes true and we are about to do it again with E…
The Greatest Gift Mom Gave Me – Brian’s Blog
Nobody cooks like mom. Some the fondest memories of my youth involve mom and her cooking. One of the hardest parts of growing up and moving away is the distance it puts between you and mom's kitchen. That is where the greatest gift my mom ever gave me aside from life comes in.
Put Your Problems In A Pile- Brian’s Blog
It seems like everyone I know is going through a tough stretch lately. There seems to be more and more pressure and less and less happiness. I firmly believe happiness is a conscious decision but sometimes life puts so much in front of you that is hard to make that decision. I know I have had a roug…
Are You A Good Friend To Youself? – Brian’s Blog
Companionship is one of the most important things in life. We all need people around us. I love my alone time but sharing life with friends and family is what makes it is all about. Many times in our lives we find ourselves alone when we could really use some friendship. My grandfather once said &qu…
Brian’s New Secret Formula For Great Steaks
There are few things in this world more delicious than a steak cooked on the grill. I love a steak but have never been able to make one at home that comes close to how good they are in a steakhouse..until this weekend.
Every Boss Should Go Undercover – Brian’s Blog
One of my favorite show on TV is Undercover Boss. This is the show where a big shot from the home office comes and does the every day job of the workers to see what is like in the work place. I wish every corporate executive was mandated to do this.

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