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Brian’s Blog: Freedom of Speech Has Consequences
Being a broadcaster I am quite familiar with freedom of speech. I have to follow FCC regulations on the air but off mic I am free to say whatever I want right? Yes I can, but that does not protect me from anything. I think there can be a bit of a misconception on the freedom of speech.
Brian’s Blog: Thank You Broncos!
Tebow haters and Bronco bashers can gloat all they want this week but I am not ashamed at all. I am proud as heck of them. I love the goodness Tebow represents in a time when bad is cool. Wouldn't it be great if "good" was cool? Isn't that worth cheering for?
Brian’s Blog: Fret & Stew Time
I admit it, I am a bit of a freak. I have so many quirky things about my personality and the way I go about things. I am an odd cat and I know I am difficult to live with and figure out, (just ask my wife), in fact it has taken me years to learn how to live with me.
Brian’s Blog: Brian says “Thank You”
There are few words in the English language that sound or feel better than “thank you” and today is a great day to say it. Today is International Thank You Day, a day set aside to say thank you to all the people in your life that deserve it.
Brian’s Blog; No Regrets
I try to live my life with no regrets. Now don’t get me wrong, I have made many bad mistakes in my life but I like to think that I have learned something from each of them and together, all my mistakes, failures and successes make me who I am today. There is one regret that I have but I can do…
Brian’s Blog; Time To Eat Crow
Crow meat, get your crow meat here!! I wish I could have invested in crow meat because there is an awful lot of it needing to be eaten this morning. All those experts who gave the Broncos no chance and all the Bronco fans who also gave the team no chance, have a lot of crow to eat today...
Brian’s Blog; Broncos Will Win On Sunday
America loves an underdog so, just like me, America will be cheering for the Broncos. I cannot wait for the playoff game Sunday when Denver will shock the football world and beat Pittsburgh. Call me crazy but I am telling you now, they will win!
Brian’s Blog; Is Everything OK?
Is everything ok? There are many situations to ask to that question, like when someone looks like they feel ill, when someone has gone through some personal trauma or life difficulty or just seems off. We have all asked or been asked that question thousands of times in our lives. The one time that q…
Brian’s Blog; Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Laughter is the best medicine and a sense of humor is found to be the most attractive quality in a person according to researchers, which I know is a lie, women like to laugh but go home with the hunky guy, trust me, I was always the funny guy going home alone.
Brian’s Blog: The Grass Is Not Always Greener
As I was cleaning the debris from the yard this weekend I couldn’t help but notice there was none in the neighbors’ yard. I kept thinking of that of that old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Now we know that saying is referring to life in g…

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