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Brian’s New Secret Formula For Great Steaks
There are few things in this world more delicious than a steak cooked on the grill. I love a steak but have never been able to make one at home that comes close to how good they are in a steakhouse..until this weekend.
Every Boss Should Go Undercover – Brian’s Blog
One of my favorite show on TV is Undercover Boss. This is the show where a big shot from the home office comes and does the every day job of the workers to see what is like in the work place. I wish every corporate executive was mandated to do this.
Shriners Circus in Denver This Weekend
Our buddy Josh was helped by a Shriners' Hospital when he was a little guy.  We are so proud that now he is paying it forward. Josh is working toward becoming a Shriner himself. The El Jebel Shrine Circus is in Denver this weekend and proceeds from the circus go directly to the hospitals t…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 5) – The Ride Home
Welcome to the final chapter of my Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka. As I had mentioned at the end of part 4, when we left Topeka at 9 local time, it was a beautiful morning. The minute we turned the corner onto I-70 the wind hit us like a kick to the groin.
Have You Ever Had A Brian Gary Burger at Randy’s?
Todd and I went to Randy’s All American Grill in Greeley last night to celebrate Randy’s 60th birthday. When we walked in I was hailed by some folks who had just ordered the Brian Gary Burger. They wanted me to pose with the burger before they ate. I have had a lot of cool honors in my life but havi…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 3) – The Hotel Room
Welcome to part 3 of my continuing tale of our Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka. Today we check into the worst motel in the history of mankind. After a long hard day on the road we couldn't wait to get to our room. Little did I know that even after 14 hours on the road, the seat of my bike woul…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 2) – The Ride Begins
When Charley Barnes asked me to go on a Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka he told me it would be the adventure of a lifetime. Little did I know how true that would turn out to be. I had to do some serious thinking about whether I was going to go on this trip. I did what I usually do, I prayed for som…
I Made It – My Journey 4 Justice (Part 1)
You will be seeing the stories of my adventure to Topeka all week long. I have so much to share from this life changing ride I took. I am physically beat up and mentally shot yet so filled at the same time. I will share some stories of the grueling 16 hour ride in 50 mph winds and freezing temps.

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