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Are You A Good Friend To Youself? – Brian’s Blog
Companionship is one of the most important things in life. We all need people around us. I love my alone time but sharing life with friends and family is what makes it is all about. Many times in our lives we find ourselves alone when we could really use some friendship. My grandfather once said &qu…
Brian’s New Secret Formula For Great Steaks
There are few things in this world more delicious than a steak cooked on the grill. I love a steak but have never been able to make one at home that comes close to how good they are in a steakhouse..until this weekend.
Every Boss Should Go Undercover – Brian’s Blog
One of my favorite show on TV is Undercover Boss. This is the show where a big shot from the home office comes and does the every day job of the workers to see what is like in the work place. I wish every corporate executive was mandated to do this.
Shriners Circus in Denver This Weekend
Our buddy Josh was helped by a Shriners' Hospital when he was a little guy.  We are so proud that now he is paying it forward. Josh is working toward becoming a Shriner himself. The El Jebel Shrine Circus is in Denver this weekend and proceeds from the circus go directly to the hospitals t…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 5) – The Ride Home
Welcome to the final chapter of my Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka. As I had mentioned at the end of part 4, when we left Topeka at 9 local time, it was a beautiful morning. The minute we turned the corner onto I-70 the wind hit us like a kick to the groin.
Have You Ever Had A Brian Gary Burger at Randy’s?
Todd and I went to Randy’s All American Grill in Greeley last night to celebrate Randy’s 60th birthday. When we walked in I was hailed by some folks who had just ordered the Brian Gary Burger. They wanted me to pose with the burger before they ate. I have had a lot of cool honors in my life but havi…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 3) – The Hotel Room
Welcome to part 3 of my continuing tale of our Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka. Today we check into the worst motel in the history of mankind. After a long hard day on the road we couldn't wait to get to our room. Little did I know that even after 14 hours on the road, the seat of my bike woul…
My Journey 4 Justice (Part 2) – The Ride Begins
When Charley Barnes asked me to go on a Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka he told me it would be the adventure of a lifetime. Little did I know how true that would turn out to be. I had to do some serious thinking about whether I was going to go on this trip. I did what I usually do, I prayed for som…

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