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Leon Coffee Update: The Prayers Are Working
I wanted to give you an update on rodeo clown Leon Coffee. There was such an outpouring of love and support yesterday when I put out the request for prayers. I can't thank you enough. I have always believed in the power of prayer and believe even more now.
Prayers For Leon Coffee
A rodeo legend needs your help.
Rodeo clown Leon Coffee is in the hospital with meningitis. Leon has entertained so many people through the years with the class and humor of a true gentleman. He has touched so many lives.
Learn To Hit Life’s Curve Ball – Brian’s Blog
I wish I had a "slow" button. Is it just me or does the whole world seem to be going way to fast? I don't know of anyone who is just whelmed these days. It seems like we are all overwhelmed. I would like a couple days to just breathe and catch my breath. I know it's not j…
Happiness Is A New Windshield
The windshield is here! Woo hoo! You may remember a couple weeks ago I took the ride from hell on my motorcycle. We went to Topeka and back with 60 mile an hour headwinds and me with no windshield. I am happy to say those days are over.
Congrats Grads – Brian’s Blog
It's the time of the year to say congrats. Congratulations to all of our graduates. What an amazing accomplishment. Whether you are graduating from high school or college, I salute you. You should be so proud of your achievement. I tried to go to college when I got out of high school. I went to coll…
Good Morning Guys Start 25th Year – Brian’s Blog
This weekend is a very special one for the Good Morning Guys here at K99. This weekend will be the start of the 25th year that Todd and I have been on the air together at K99. In this business, people move about all the time. Usually people are getting fired or moving on to a larger market chasing t…
Fig Newtons Are Dropping The Fig
One of my favorites snacks as a kid were Fig Newtons. Whenever we would go to grandma's house you could count on her having a drawer full of gum and used tin foil and a cupboard full of Nilla Wafers and Fig Newtons.
Baby Laughter Cures All [AUDIO]
There is nothing more wonderful in the world than the sound of baby laughing. I am so lucky to get to spend time with the funniest person I have ever met, my grandson Zander. Every bit of stress and frustration leaves your body when you can share a laugh with a child.
K99 Staff Grows Truck Beards
The K99 truck giveaway with Ehrich Nissan is going to be held on June 16th. You are going to many many chances to win yourself a key. Be listening to win on air, online and live at our broadcasts. We are all so excited to give you this truck.
Are You Computer Challenged? – Brian’s Blog
I admit that I have a love hate relationship with computers. I am in the age group that just missed out on computer education. When I was in my senior year of high school computers were first getting into the mainstream. The classes behind me all had computer training in school and mine was the last…
What Sports Mean To Me
I was raised in a sports crazy home. We always gathered together for Viking games and cheered together. Sports have always meant more than just a game. They were and are a gathering device for our family. It means togetherness and happy time to me. The actual game is irrelevant. It is the being toge…

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