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Need A Job And A Truck Key? Come To Afni
Need a job? I know there are so many people looking for employment and Afni may just have what you are looking for. On Thursday you may be able to start a new career and get a key that may start a new truck. A new beginning may be just a day away.
The Day Late Night TV Died – Tribute To Johnny Carson
20 years ago today I quit watching late night talk shows. It on this date back in 92 that Johnny Carson signed off as the host of The Tonight Show. Johnny Carson is the reason I got into this business. I grew up watching this man and wanted to be him.
Tornado Hits Windsor 4 Years Ago Today
Do you remember what you were doing 4 years ago today? Hard to believe it has been 4 years since the tornado hit Windsor. It is one of those days where we all remember where we were. I was a luncheon for the Greeley Stampede in Greeley. We were just sitting down to eat when the skies turned evil...
The Power Of Prayer And Gramma Lola
I got a phone call from my dad on Saturday saying that my Gramma Lola was taken the hospital and was more than likely not going to make it through the night. Gramma had fallen a few days ago and was so bruised and beat up and her body was losing the fight as you can see from the photo.
Give Someone A Chance – Brian’s Blog
How many times in your life have you thought "if they only gave me a chance"? It's all most of us are looking for in life is a chance. A chance to make a difference or show that you have what it takes to get it done. I believe in giving people a chance to see what they can do.
Happy Birthday George Strait – Brian’s Blog
Happy Birthday to the king of country George Strait. Aside from Elvis, George is my musical hero. He just oozes coolness. I have traveled the country to see this man perform. I have been to Vegas, Kansas City and many more places to see this man tear up a stage without moving. I have so much respect…
Need Football? I Have A Solution
I am going through football withdrawals. Football is my favorite sport in the world and I live for Sundays during the NFL season. This is the toughest time of the year for fans. The draft is over and now we just count the days until training camp...
My Empty Nest
Time for an update on Eunice the robin and her nest full of new babies. I had named the offspring Muddy, Sam and Otis then to my surprise we found a fourth youngster who we named Greta. I have watched in wonder as mom has kept the brood healthy and happy. I am amazed at the dedication these birds ha…
Amazing Pork Chops On The Grill
I love to cook. I really love to cook on the grill. Last night we tried a new recipe for grilled pork chops that I just have to share. I don't cook a lot of pork chops and I don't know why, they are so delicious. I think I am afraid of under cooking them and killing my family. I just have …

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