Brian Gary

Brian Gary – The World’s Kindest Man
Everywhere you turn there is bad news and people complaining about something, but every now and then it is nice to know that this world still has "good guys." I think everyone who has listened to K99 over the last 25 years knows that Brian Gary is one of those good guys, but most don't get…
Godzilla Sized S’mores
Summertime is grilling season and we know after a nice slab of meat charred on the grill that nothing is more tasty than making s'mores. Who doesn't love toasting a marshmallow and throwing it on a chocolate bar and graham cracker?
Bob Dylan Sings Like Cats Fighting – Brian’s Blog
I love and appreciate most kinds of music. I am steeped in country but also lots of other types of music as well. I know that not everybody agrees on music. What is awesome to one person might be trash to another, which brings me to my point....I think Bob Dylan is the most over-rated singer in the …

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