Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What Exactly Do Breast Exams Look For?
Q: As a woman I’m aware that breast cancer screening is important, but what exactly do these examinations look for and when should women be screened for breast cancer?
A: Breast cancer can be devastating for women, and their loved ones
Breast Cancer Also Affects Men
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while all the pink we see on the players during NFL games in October mainly focuses our attention on how the disease affects women and what they can do about it, we should also keep in mind (or learn) that men, too, can contract breast cancer. According to the…
‘October 13 – No Bra Day’ Generates Hilarious Facebook Comments
A little over a week ago I wrote an article about a celebration that was taking place in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month... No Bra Day. Who knew it would end up being so popular? Everyone seemed to want to join in the fun, and many chimed in with some interesting comments on Facebook. Here ar…
Sign The K99 Cancer Survivor Wall
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There have been so many walks and fundraiser events this month to help raise money and awareness and encourage women to get regular check-ups

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