This Beef At Costco In Timnath Costs HOW Much?
Take a walk down the meat aisle at Costco in Timnath and you'll find some ridiculously overpriced beef.
I love beef, but I don't think I'd ever pay $176.75 for it. Is this a fair price for the beef, or is the price outrageous like I think it is...
Hungry Burglar Caught After Leaving DNA On Beef Jerky
If you're going to have a snack while robbing a house, make sure you finish eating it. This burglar didn't do that, and he (of course) got caught.
Kristian Dee Evans, 33, stopped for a snack halfway through raiding the home of a 22-year-old student from Hong Kong in South Wales but made the…
If Colorado Could Only Have ONE Meat, It Would Be Mutton?!
Get this; the folks over at Slate, have come up with a list and an infographic called "The United Steaks of America" where they determine what kind of meat a state would have if it could only have one kind. They pinned Colorado with mutton...I'm not sure I agree.
Recipe Rescue: Beef Roll
There's nothing better than beef, I love beef and when you can stuff stuff in it (like bacon), roll it up and braise it for a couple of hours, YUM! Try this beef roll and ring the dinner bell loudly.