Arabian Horses

How Horse People Know Spring is Coming
Aside from a full choir of Meadowlarks, the sure sign that spring is coming is my
horse Lily shedding out.   I don't know if it's because she's white that I notice it with her more than the other horses who are bays.  Besides attaching to gloves, coats, and up my nose, t…
Little Girls Bring Carrots for Lily
Who knew being the favorite aunt could be so sweet. I was blessed with 8 nieces, each more kind and beautiful than the next. I often remind them how I changed their
diapers so now they really owe me. The payback is sharing THEIR little ones with
When Did You Last Write a Letter?
I  thank my mother for instilling letter writing in my brain, not an e-mail or text, but an honest to goodness letter written on paper and mailed with a stamp. I remember writing to my aunt, sharing the adventures of my world, and she would reply with a sort of laundry list of her comings and g…

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