Arabian Horses

Susan Fosters a Very Pregnant Rescue Mare
The prospect of having a new foal born in my barn, then see it running in my pasture,
and just overall being adorable was more that enough reason to bring this lovely expectant mare home with me.  'Arizona's story began when the Larimer County Sheriffs Department seized this mare …
Pictures Taken by Susan’s Neighbors
A while back I posted a story about the new housing development coming up next to my little farm.  This gallery is pictures taken by one of my new neighbors, Colleen. She has
the same pretty view of the mountains and sunsets that I do...
Will You Attend the Blue Ribbon Royalty Horse Show?
As you may know, I LOVE my horses and when I do show them, I feel the same unbridled joy as I did when I was 12 years old taking my horse to the county fair. On June 1st we are all invited to the Blue Ribbon Royalty Horse Show.  Beautiful horses, a show at the Ranch, rodeo queens, it just doesn…
Susan’s ‘Rescue’ Barn Snake is Back
I'm not sure where it goes for the rest of the year, but for the second May in a row, it's shown up in my barn and is  welcome there.  It's the barn snake and no, I have not named it...yet. I choose to believe that this is the snake I found as a baby...
National Donate Life Month – A Mothers Story
As National Donate Life Month comes to a close, those of us who have the red heart on our drivers licenses should be reminded of the importance of allowing our organs to be used when we no longer need them. Just one organ donor can save up to 9 lives...
28 Hours of Hope with a Petting Zoo?
Brian and Todd,
celebrity interviews, laughs, tears, money for abused and neglected
kids, and so much more starts at 5 tomorrow morning...oh, and now
we can add llamas to the slate.
Susan’s Instructional Video for Women Peeing Outside
As I get older it's more important than ever to be near a convenient 'restroom.' I like traveling with my horse trailer, or porta-potty, but sometimes a gal just has to be resourceful. I hope this short clip will help keep you dry and comfortable when there is not a powder room near l…

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