Appetizers & Snacks

Recipe Rescue: Short Cut to Spanakopita
Spanakopita is one of my favorite thing's in the world. There is just something about the savory taste of pastry wrapped up in spinach, feta cheese, onions... every bite is like a trip to the Mediterranean.
Recipe Rescue: Sweet Pinwheels for Summer Parties and Snacks
Usually when you see pinwheels at a party they are filled with yummy savory stuff. Cream cheese is a must more often than not, but then its a free for all what you put in there. When making pinwheels you can load them up with jalapenos, lunch meats and olives or a variety of veggies, this time, we&a…
Recipe Rescue: Jalapeno Popper Meatballs
I would assume the name says it all, my co-worker Josh and I (he loves to cook) were trying to come up with a way to perfect another recipe I have done and this is what we decided would work best. And with a tube of biscuits and crescent rolls in my fridge, I almost wanted to wrap them, which I may …

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