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Todd Grateful For 9Health Fair
It's true! I am very grateful 9Health Fair exists!  Without 9Health Fair, I wouldn't have known that I needed colonoscopy. I wouldn't have known that I had a polyp. I wouldn't had it removed. Who knows, 9Health Fair may have saved my life! Charley Barnes is at the 9Health Fa…
Brighton Police Arrest Cow
Police officers in Brighton had to round up a runaway steer near 50th Avenue and Bromley Lane yesterday. Officers were able to catch the little steak-maker and load him up in a trailer. Thanks to Adrienne Knox and 9news.com for the photos! Brian and Todd had a few thoughts:
How Windy Was It Monday?
Much of Colorado was under a high-wind advisory yesterday! just how windy was it? 9 News in Denver compiled a list of the windiest spots in the state for Monday, January 17th, 2011: