2013 Colorado Flood

Colorado continues to recover from the floods of 2013 as crews assess the damage to roadways, bridges, residential and commercial properties. Rebuilding from the floods will take years, but efforts have already begun.

Watch Latest Videos of Devastating Colorado Flooding
The rain continues to fall and the waters continue to rise as this horrendous flooding wreaks havoc on Colorado. Check out some of these video people have uploaded to YouTube that show just how devastating this water can be.
Mandatory Evacuations Ordered Along Big Thompson River
Due to rain fall accumulations of one inch per hour plus additional water being released from the Olympus Dam, mandatory evacuations are now in place for residents living along the Big Thompson River Corridor. Residents in other low-lying areas are encouraged to voluntarily evacuate...
Surge from River Could Split Loveland in Two [UPDATED]
**UPDATE: As of Sept. 13th, the city of Loveland reports that Wilson Avenue, the last road linking northern and southern Loveland, has been closed due to worsening flood conditions. In other words, the surging Big Thompson River officially has split Loveland in two.**