We really don't know much about Sweetwater Rain other than they are a bunch of very talented musicians and on the rise with their debut single called "Starshine."  Oh, that and the fact that Ruth makes some killer cookies.

The band is made up Danny Rivera and Ruth Collins who both share lead vocals.  Fred Stallcup plays guitar and sings and Thomas Hewlett plays bass and sings as well. These guys, and gal, are super talented and we wish the best for them.

Take a listen to their debut single and let us know what you think.  I think you too will notice that the band and/or song is not about the instruments but rather focuses on what we want to hear, the voices.

Don’t forget, if you missed a song for the day or even a few, just click the big red link below and it will take you to one page where all these songs are housed. That way you can go back and listen to one you didn’t hear or heard while driving and want to vote on one.