There is a brand-new band out of Nashville called Sweetwater Rain. They performed for us in the K99 parking lot yesterday, including their new single, "Starshine".  We have video and pictures of the event and also audio of the the single too.

The band is made up of 4 members:  Danny Rivera and Ruth Collins both share lead vocals.  Fred Stallcup plays guitar and sings and Thomas Hewlett plays bass and sings as well. These guys are super talented and super nice.   Ruth even made us cookies.

Thanks to Curb Records for the new single from Sweetwater Rain, "Starshine".

Drew Bankston from Starpainter productions shot and edited a couple of videos of the band performing. If you need video work done, Drew would do an amazing job for you.  The First song is "Starshine".

This next song was written by Ruth about how she met her husband.  It's called, "Where You Been All My Life".

Here's of a few pictures of Sweetwater rain in the parking lot in front of the K99 studios in Windsor that I captured with my iPhone: