The Boulder Valley School District has notified us that Centaurus High School students are being sent home today due to a suspicious package.

Centaurus High School

Once the package was discovered this morning the school was evacuated immediately. Authorities indicated that the time it would take to investigate the package could take a while and they wanted to ensure the safety of the staff and students as quickly as possibly. They further say that no other schools in the district were evacuated.


  • Those who walked to school and live nearby were allowed to walk home.
  • Students who drove to school were not allowed to drive their vehicles home as the parking lot is part of the evacuation area.
  • Students that were not able to walk home were instructed to go to Ryan Elementary School to await for parents to make arrangements to pick them up or to be taken home by bus.
  • The district will notify all CHS families and staff as soon as the area is cleared by police so that they can make arrangements to pick up their vehicles.