11.27.13 UPDATE...we passed the emissions test and are good to go for another year...

The last time my 1980 Silverado truck Gertie failed an emissions test was 2 years ago.  We had to get a catalytic converter installed before it passed.  Now we have to pass it again and this time I was told I might need a mechanic to adjust the carburetor.  When I shared my story on the air, listeners called in to help with great advice.

I was told to get a fuel additive such as Heat and put it in the gas tank. The kind man at the auto store recommended Techron. Done.

It was also suggested that I drive 'Gertie' on the interstate at least 65 miles per hour for about 20 minutes before pulling into the testing facility at 1-25 and Hwy 14. I'm not to shut the truck off while waiting. Considering the icy roads today, we'll likely put this off til next

You can probably guess that I love this old gal by the mere fact that I've named her.  She's
a farm truck now, but she's got what it takes to stay on the roads AND she rides like a
Cadillac.  She is at times, my labor of love.

If there is anything more you think of to help us pass our test, please leave comments below.